Daily prompt: light

by junsunglim

What happens when the world has no light? Chaos is my answer to this question. Some people believe that nothing will happen. However i think that people will go crazy and they will search with physical sense which means things that are unpleasant might happen. This is because people will search with hand start feeling with their body, etc. and it’s also because they might bump into places and get injured seriously.

First of all when there is no light, people use their sense to locate where and what kind of situation they are in. People touch and feel on the things and thinks about their position. For example, people kick to locate their position.

Secondly people go crazy because they might get injured. This kind of thought is one of their instinct. So they yell and somehow behave abnormal. For example, girls scream when they are blindfolded. This is very natural because it’s biologically systemized.

As a result people should behave and be careful when there is no light. So what I’m trying to say is. Humanity needs light.