Too tired

by junsunglim

Gosh… This is the second day of the final quarter and I’m already exhausted. I’m physically and mentally tired. I just want to go out somewhere and don’t care about anything at all. And today I wasted my time doing nothing in the first three periods. We had a meeting up in the auditorium. But we barely did anything and I just sat down day dreaming. And today’s classes were boring and not fun at all. I feel like I want to go to the beach and party with my friends. I just want the songkran break to come faster because I cannot wait anymore. And nowadays I’m into movies. I’m busy watching movies. But the problem is that toefel is bothering me and additionally I am stressed out with educations now. And today I’m going to the hospital for my medical certificate for my drivers license. But I’m sure I won’t informed as a handicap or something similar. And once again I’m really exhausted.