First day of 4th quarter

by junsunglim

Today is the first day of school. I was not happy that the school didn’t gave us holidays. Anyway I was really scared about my exam scores. I thought I would have at least 2 F grades. Especially for journalism. However my exam passed and my grade didn’t drop nor went up. I was really glad that this kind of results can save my bad grades dropping down more. More thing, I’ve found that this fourth quarter is my last chance for me to get into the college that I want too. So for this quarter, I will do my best to not fail and keep my oath that I won’t be lazy for my school life. And I’ve made this oath because this is my last chance. Which means its my last and only shot that I can perform. This last quarter will decide my future rather I’ll be in a good occupation or working in the groceries,etc.