by junsunglim

This week’s interest of mine is a game called DotA 2. This game is globally popular. This game is made by steam and also from the help of Valve and Icefrog. This game is a game that you or the player must use hs or her intelligence to win the game. This game takes about 30 minutes to 40minutes to finish the game. Also, additionally, this game needs a good teamwork to survive and win. It’s a game that other players must communicate together to achieve their goal. This game is a simple war modified game using heros to defend their base or as known as the Ancient. DotA2 stands for “Defense of the Ancient”. It’s DotA2 Because it had a original version in the game of blizzards’ “WarcraftIII” This game warcraftIII is a rpg simulator game. You can make a base and attack the other player’s base. It’s idea is very close to starcraft. However, WarcraftIII failed in that kind of simulator game. So they decided to open “mapmaking system” and let the warcraftIII users to make their own map and upload it on internet to support them. One of the teenager code name called “Icefrog” uploaded a map and that map was called DotA. Then it got really popular nonstop for 4years. So the high class companies contracted with Icefrog to make a better graphic game and that became DotA2. In this game, there are lots of characters to choose and modifying the game by playing. It’s really like a brain fight. I enjoy playing this game because when I win, I feel like I’m really smart.


This week was a hard and a long week. First of all, my week was really tiring. And second, I did not have enough sleep for this week. I don’t know why I slept late this week. Even thou I knew that it was a hard and tiring week. Especially on Wednesday, our grade was cooking and selling omelet and nuggets with fries. Our class really did our best and have had earned 7000baht. The guys were helping the hard working girls. I went to the cafeteria and tried persuading people to buy our delicious omelet. I accomplished persuading 4 people during break time. I brought the students and let them have both omelet and nuggets with fries. After that, the break was over. Now we get rest an hour. Preparing and reloading our foods to sell. And an hour passes by. The elementary students come out and start buying our food. And after that the middle school kids comes and buys our food. During those two periods, I persuaded 7childeren to our class and let them buy at least one item. After that, I started running around telling my other grade friends to buy. Most of them were grade 12 students. They didn’t refuse at all because we also bought foods from them during last JCO. They bought a lot and because of them, it was really easy for us to sell food. I think this exercise of JCO really helps the society of the school.