by junsunglim

Today is a international day of “Peppero Day”. It’s a Korean’s traditional Pockey day. Koreans call this day a pockey day because the date is 11/11/0000. so every November 11, there will be a pockey day. People give pockeys to the person that care or like. It’s like a Valentine’s day but it’s meaning for the day is not that straight forward showing love to the person that you love. Anyway today, the Koreans in our school was asking me for pockeys. However I totally forgot that today was a pockey day. And also today was our school’s festivals day. I seriously don’t know why I went there. I helped my friends for doing our JCO things but after that, we didn’t do anything. I just watched Mickey acting and we all went back home. After that, I took a nap because I didn’t slept at all the day before. So my brain is really dead right now. Feels brainless. Anyway, I went home and went to sleep. After my sleep, I found out it was 6 p.m. Then a phone call comes which is my dad and he told me to prepare so we can go out straight and have dinner in MK. SUKI. After the dinner I came back home and now I am writing my daily report now.