by junsunglim

Today is a day when there is no military guys. Today was so quiet however I had a lot of problems today. First I had a problem with my friends and second I had problem with teachers. Additionally I got confiscated my phone by Mr. Prem Today. He passed my phone to Ms. Shiela right away. I didn’t know that he gave my phone to her and I just went to him right away after school asking for my phone. He replied to me that Ms. Shiela has my phone so I went to Ms. Shiela. And that was the time when she was having JCO meeting. I had to hurry however my things are there in side my classroom so I had to wait patiently. I planned to wait in G.11B’s classroom. Then I’ve lost Ms. Shiela and I had no idea where she went so I quickly hurried and went back home.