by junsunglim

Today I had a bad day. First I’ll start with my first period of my day. I went to school and I arrived around 7:30 a.m . And I’ve missed my first performance for my speech class. It was quite disappointing because I had lost my participation points for my speech class. Then I had another problem. I had an argument with Mr.Nick Spynda. He was being stubborn and he was really annoying the way how he defended me when I asked him nicely asking a permission to allow me to enter his classroom. I didn’t know we had 3rd period during that time and my third period was photography. Mr. Nick starts complaining that I am slacking off classes which is a false statement. I was so annoyed but still he is my previous business teacher so I showed him respect. I asked him nicely once again. I told him if I may leave my world history text book in the classroom because after photography class, I can come to his room and grab my textbook and enter world history class when it is right opposite of Mr.Nick’s class. He once again refused. Anyway because of that I had a bad day. Today, I had a parent teacher conference. My mom came to school. My mom and my homeroom teacher had a talk today about my grade and stuffs. And I kinda found out myself that I am not doing anything but just being lazy. I found out that I was lazy for being lazy and I’m not even focusing on my works even a bit. So now I should promise with myself and to God that I should try my best and do my works and homework. This might be quite embarrassing but I am going to be doing my homework in school by the supervision of Ms.Shiela after school. This is really embarrassing. However for my future, I rather be embarrassed for now and stand up straight in the future. After the ptc, I went home and tried my best to do my homework. But still I had some problems doing my homework because I couldn’t understand because I did not focus during previous classes. I’ve learned my lessons and I’ll watch out from now of for my homework.