by junsunglim

Today is Sunday and I had a great day! Today I played a game called “DotA2” this is a game that you have to  choose a hero and fight with the enemy’s hero. It’s like a war simulated game. This game needs logic, common sense, Brain, and you must be cunning. It’s because, this game is hard for low intelligence people whom are bad at decisions. Anyway I had great matches today. I met a great team that had excellent teamwork and they were all professionals. 

After Dota2, I prepared and went out to my church. I delivered my things to church and fortunately, I met my grade going to the restaurant. I followed them and had a good time. This party was for my friend’s farewell. She’s leaving Bangkok, going back to Seoul. 

Then, after this farewell, I went to meet my friends who goes to a school called “BCIS” I knew them by my friend since I was a baby. BCIS guys and I had a great time playing and also we watched 007 sky fall. After 007, we went to have dinner in a Korean bar B-q buffet. After the buffet, I went home and now I’m typing my daily news report.