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Month: November, 2012


This week’s interest of mine is a game called DotA 2. This game is globally popular. This game is made by steam and also from the help of Valve and Icefrog. This game is a game that you or the player must use hs or her intelligence to win the game. This game takes about 30 minutes to 40minutes to finish the game. Also, additionally, this game needs a good teamwork to survive and win. It’s a game that other players must communicate together to achieve their goal. This game is a simple war modified game using heros to defend their base or as known as the Ancient. DotA2 stands for “Defense of the Ancient”. It’s DotA2 Because it had a original version in the game of blizzards’ “WarcraftIII” This game warcraftIII is a rpg simulator game. You can make a base and attack the other player’s base. It’s idea is very close to starcraft. However, WarcraftIII failed in that kind of simulator game. So they decided to open “mapmaking system” and let the warcraftIII users to make their own map and upload it on internet to support them. One of the teenager code name called “Icefrog” uploaded a map and that map was called DotA. Then it got really popular nonstop for 4years. So the high class companies contracted with Icefrog to make a better graphic game and that became DotA2. In this game, there are lots of characters to choose and modifying the game by playing. It’s really like a brain fight. I enjoy playing this game because when I win, I feel like I’m really smart.


This week was a hard and a long week. First of all, my week was really tiring. And second, I did not have enough sleep for this week. I don’t know why I slept late this week. Even thou I knew that it was a hard and tiring week. Especially on Wednesday, our grade was cooking and selling omelet and nuggets with fries. Our class really did our best and have had earned 7000baht. The guys were helping the hard working girls. I went to the cafeteria and tried persuading people to buy our delicious omelet. I accomplished persuading 4 people during break time. I brought the students and let them have both omelet and nuggets with fries. After that, the break was over. Now we get rest an hour. Preparing and reloading our foods to sell. And an hour passes by. The elementary students come out and start buying our food. And after that the middle school kids comes and buys our food. During those two periods, I persuaded 7childeren to our class and let them buy at least one item. After that, I started running around telling my other grade friends to buy. Most of them were grade 12 students. They didn’t refuse at all because we also bought foods from them during last JCO. They bought a lot and because of them, it was really easy for us to sell food. I think this exercise of JCO really helps the society of the school.



Today is the worst day in this week. I couldn’t attend school today because I was so sick. This sickness started during this week. This Monday is the day when I started go sick. And on Tuesday, I started to cough. On Wednesday, my body’s temperature started to rise. Then today I got really sick. I had a head ache and I couldn’t move my body properly. My throat hurts really bad. It feels like I’m going to spill blood from my vocal chord. I hope it won’t happen and I couldn’t write wordpress everyday because I just went to sleep right away after reaching home. Anyway, I hope I could go to school tomorrow. Also my homeroom teacher ms. Shiela is outside Bangkok camping with the middle school kids. I hope she returns safe back to school. And hope I will get well soon.


Today is a international day of “Peppero Day”. It’s a Korean’s traditional Pockey day. Koreans call this day a pockey day because the date is 11/11/0000. so every November 11, there will be a pockey day. People give pockeys to the person that care or like. It’s like a Valentine’s day but it’s meaning for the day is not that straight forward showing love to the person that you love. Anyway today, the Koreans in our school was asking me for pockeys. However I totally forgot that today was a pockey day. And also today was our school’s festivals day. I seriously don’t know why I went there. I helped my friends for doing our JCO things but after that, we didn’t do anything. I just watched Mickey acting and we all went back home. After that, I took a nap because I didn’t slept at all the day before. So my brain is really dead right now. Feels brainless. Anyway, I went home and went to sleep. After my sleep, I found out it was 6 p.m. Then a phone call comes which is my dad and he told me to prepare so we can go out straight and have dinner in MK. SUKI. After the dinner I came back home and now I am writing my daily report now.


Today is a day when there is no military guys. Today was so quiet however I had a lot of problems today. First I had a problem with my friends and second I had problem with teachers. Additionally I got confiscated my phone by Mr. Prem Today. He passed my phone to Ms. Shiela right away. I didn’t know that he gave my phone to her and I just went to him right away after school asking for my phone. He replied to me that Ms. Shiela has my phone so I went to Ms. Shiela. And that was the time when she was having JCO meeting. I had to hurry however my things are there in side my classroom so I had to wait patiently. I planned to wait in G.11B’s classroom. Then I’ve lost Ms. Shiela and I had no idea where she went so I quickly hurried and went back home.


Today I had a bad day. First I’ll start with my first period of my day. I went to school and I arrived around 7:30 a.m . And I’ve missed my first performance for my speech class. It was quite disappointing because I had lost my participation points for my speech class. Then I had another problem. I had an argument with Mr.Nick Spynda. He was being stubborn and he was really annoying the way how he defended me when I asked him nicely asking a permission to allow me to enter his classroom. I didn’t know we had 3rd period during that time and my third period was photography. Mr. Nick starts complaining that I am slacking off classes which is a false statement. I was so annoyed but still he is my previous business teacher so I showed him respect. I asked him nicely once again. I told him if I may leave my world history text book in the classroom because after photography class, I can come to his room and grab my textbook and enter world history class when it is right opposite of Mr.Nick’s class. He once again refused. Anyway because of that I had a bad day. Today, I had a parent teacher conference. My mom came to school. My mom and my homeroom teacher had a talk today about my grade and stuffs. And I kinda found out myself that I am not doing anything but just being lazy. I found out that I was lazy for being lazy and I’m not even focusing on my works even a bit. So now I should promise with myself and to God that I should try my best and do my works and homework. This might be quite embarrassing but I am going to be doing my homework in school by the supervision of Ms.Shiela after school. This is really embarrassing. However for my future, I rather be embarrassed for now and stand up straight in the future. After the ptc, I went home and tried my best to do my homework. But still I had some problems doing my homework because I couldn’t understand because I did not focus during previous classes. I’ve learned my lessons and I’ll watch out from now of for my homework.


Today is Sunday and I had a great day! Today I played a game called “DotA2” this is a game that you have to  choose a hero and fight with the enemy’s hero. It’s like a war simulated game. This game needs logic, common sense, Brain, and you must be cunning. It’s because, this game is hard for low intelligence people whom are bad at decisions. Anyway I had great matches today. I met a great team that had excellent teamwork and they were all professionals. 

After Dota2, I prepared and went out to my church. I delivered my things to church and fortunately, I met my grade going to the restaurant. I followed them and had a good time. This party was for my friend’s farewell. She’s leaving Bangkok, going back to Seoul. 

Then, after this farewell, I went to meet my friends who goes to a school called “BCIS” I knew them by my friend since I was a baby. BCIS guys and I had a great time playing and also we watched 007 sky fall. After 007, we went to have dinner in a Korean bar B-q buffet. After the buffet, I went home and now I’m typing my daily news report.