by junsunglim

Today is a national holiday for Thailand so I am having a day off for school. Also today was On’s birthday party. I wanted to attend the party but my church practice blocks the way off. I am quite upset and I think On is quite upset too. This is a nightmare. I’m dancing worshiping for a mentor of an eternal love and care whom is God. I am believing that practice will change my dance to a better one and my teamwork also my drama skills. Today, I was in church the whole day just practicing for our church concert”4NCG” I hope many people will come to watch this. And I hope anyone who reads this message would come and watch our performance.  If anyone is interested in watching our performance, please come. The address is down below.

The address to my church is (Pattanakarn soii 44. Korean Union church. <you’ll have to enter the soi deep and pass a school called “BCIS”.) Hope you will come, thank you.