by junsunglim

Today is the worst day I ever had in my life. My father was gone to Pattaya for work so well as my mother. Plus it’s Friday today so there is no school tomorrow. However I do not know what happened but I got sick. And because of that I couldn’t hang out with my friends and I can’t enjoy playing games with my friends. So I stayed in my house watching movies. Then I was watching this movie called “Ted” This movie was very good in every way. It had adventures, comedy, romance, and friendship and whatsoever. This guy called John had no friends when he was young. He wished to the Christmas spirit for a friend then the next day a teddy bear starts talking to him and after 20 years they’ve became best friends and they always hanged out together. They did bad things and everything. Anyway I won’t write a summary about it because this is a daily journal diary. Anyway after watching this movie, I went on to the next movie called “Ice age 4” I do not know what really went on because I went to sleep while I was waiting for the buffering.