by junsunglim

Today in school, I’ve made a big mistake. I slept in the nurse room during chapel period. However that’s not the problem. The problem was me sleeping more than an hour. Which means I skipped my 4th period sleeping in the clinic. The nurse tried to woke me up but she couldn’t because I was in a deep sleep. Maybe the medicine that mom gave me in the morning was a strong one. 


I think I should sleep earlier in school days. And don’t get sick. From now on I’ll take care about my health.  Now about the church concert. I hope a lot of people are coming. The address is Pattanakarn soi 44. You have to enter the soi and go pass a school called BCIS. Then you’ll see this Big church. The date is 27/10/12 which is Saturday and it starts around 5:30pm~ 9-10pm. I hope everyone who reads this journal comes, everyone is invited rather your Buddhist, Catholic, etc. Just come and enjoy and it’s also good to learn other religion’s teachings too.