Second day

by junsunglim

Today is the second day of my second quarter. Today I had nothing much but I had to write an apology letter to Miss Shiela again. And it’s the second time already writing down my letter to her. Anyway that’s not the big problem. The big problem is the church. I am quite irritated that I have to go to the church every day from now on. Until 27/10/12 because that’s the day when we are going to perform our concert to the audience and show what we are trying to send the message by this concert. I do not really have many stories to tell today because if I do, it’ll be about me sleeping in the first period, second period, fourth period, and fifth period. That’s all I did today and today I earned 70bath from my journalism class confiscating 10 baht each because students were speaking in Thai and this activity is activated for the JCO fundraising. I hope we could reach the amount that we goaled for.