Second quarter

by junsunglim

Today was my first day of second quarter. And I hoped it was going to be exciting. So I went to school with joy. However I found out that it is just going to be boring and I think I won’t enjoy the second quarter. It’s because I heard the teachers saying that this quarter is going to be really hard and everyone needs to focus a lot. I had this good feeling about my first day but I found out that I am suffering again this quarter. I hope I won’t fail this quarter and I heard that I have to write this journal about my week in a diary about my life and things that I am interested into. I think that’ll kill me more because I am really bad at writing because I have a bad temper. My temper is really short and I can’t calm down because I don’t have patience. This is why I hate writing and I mostly ask homework in computer so I could just press keys on my keyboard. I am this lazy and I know. However I hate to write but I think I’ll change after this quarter because It’ll be my weekly thing to do.