Exam week starts after… 1 more minute

by junsunglim

Today I was quite upset that I had to prepare a lot of things for my school. I had to study for photography, and I had to ask the teachers for detailed answers to solve the things that I don’t understand things at all. Also I was busy after school studying for my tomorrow’s exam. English, Bible, and World History. I’m quite dead because of English and World History. This year’s English was 180 degrees different comparing to the latest ones. This English class was super hard that it felt like I leaped 4 grades for English studies. My point of view is like a elementary student reading the high school student’s textbook. I hope I could do my exam my best and I hope God will bless me with his care and hope he’ll give me wisdom, wise decisions, and courage to me when I start my exams. Today I did really nothing but I just kept reading the review sheets.