oh… This week! x_x

by junsunglim

It’s Monday… And I really hate Mondays. It’s the most annoying day in the week and this week is going to be really hard because tomorrow I have a photography written exam, Wednesday I have English, Bible, World History. And that’s already too much for a week however on Thursday I have no school so I’ll study a lot in my house and on Friday I have speech and accounting exam. For accounting I’m not sure if I could pass the exam or not because I do not know how to use the T account at all and I am not good at maths. I know it’s just adding and subtracting but still it is hard because it is math. On this Saturday and Sunday I’ll  go to church because I didn’t go to practice in church last week and if continue skipping practices, I might get kicked out from the concert and that would be such a waste of time because I used a lot of time spending my time on practicing for my concert so I could praise God and evangelizing people that didn’t reach God yet. 

So my plan for this week is preparing for my exams and I’ll do my best to study as hard as I could and after exam, I’ll just sleep and waste my time playing with friends so I could enjoy my time that I didn’t use for myself enjoying.