Not “Today” but “This week”

by junsunglim

I normally start with the word “today” however today I’ll start with “this week” because I didn’t write my journal to be honest. To be really honest, I was so lazy to pay my internet bill. I was just that lazy. Anyway I’ll start with Monday first. On Monday I had subway for breakfast with my school friend. After having our meal we went to school. And in school I did my works and started preparing for my exams.


On Tuesday I had a futsal practice in the gym. It was a very tiring practice however it was exciting and it was fun. I couldn’t goal any and I’m trying my best to show my effort.


On Wednesday I was quite sick. I think I got sick because of the rain. It’s raining a lot and flooding in Thailand nowadays.


On Thursday I went home by bus since Mickey went to the volleyball team. I was quite sad thou because I couldn’t get to skip school. And on Thursday, Ms. Shiela was super sick I hope she gets well.


On Friday, It was a strange day because Ms. Shiela was absent. Also I thought Ms. Irena was our substitute but we found out Mr. Prem whom is my accounting teacher covered the English class and Mr. Mernel whom is the Bible teacher for grade12 covered our journalism class. I hope Ms. Shiela gets well soon and hope I could meet her on Monday.