Why today!

by junsunglim

Today was my biggest mistake of my life. I shouldn’t have had dinner with my family today. Today was the day that my mother and my grandfather had a promise. My grandfather was so bored that he wanted the whole family to eat dinner outside together. However I told my grandfather and my parents that I couldn’t. They asked me why. So I told them that I have an online quiz today and there is no way that I will forget that. However my mom just came up with a simple idea telling me that the promise between my grandfather and the family’s promise was first and she told me that she’ll call my journalism teacher and tell her the situation. I told my mom that that doesn’t make any sense. However I had no choice but follow my family to the dinner because this appointment with the family was delayed from 2weeks and 3days ago. If I continued argueing with the family, I think my dad will get mad and the family won’t look happy so I told my mother that she really needs to help me out with the online quiz. She told me she’ll help me. So she will call my journalism teacher tomorrow and explain everything.

Today in school I had an interview with mr.Chlowee. I interviewed about his thought of M.U.N and the outreach and it’s performance. He replied my questions with well said words and the words that gives you a deep touch to your mind.

Also Today is my first day learning with my S.A.T teacher. HE didn’t really taught me today because it was his first day teaching but introducing him to me. However I think I won’t find his class fun.