by junsunglim

Today I will not start with my school day because it was really normal and nothing really happened. However, things happened after school. It’s about taekwondo. The master of the taekwondo in our school is a person who goes to my church every week and he wants me to practice taekwondo so he can perform taekwondo in our school festival. I had no choice but accept it because he was asking me and he’s my elder. I couldn’t refuse his question. So I started. I thought I was only doing for my church’s event however I was wrong.

My master wanted me to practice jumping high and wanted me to step a person, jump high and kick. I weight 73kg and he is asking me to do that. I had to step the person’s arms and had to hop and kick the kicking pad. Then the problem came. I couldn’t even take a step properly. So I had to practice doing steps. So right now I’m practicing stepping the person’s arm properly.