Getting tired and tired

by junsunglim

Today I went to Ayutthaya by fieldtrip with my friends. I took a lot of pictures plus I took some pictures of ms.Shiela too. I had fun playing with my friends. However our fieldtrip made us sad because we just went to a big garden that has grass and cement and brick towers that looks like a bell. I took a lot of pictures. After enjoying walking around and taking photos with my friends, we went to mk suki and had lunch there. My friends and I were enjoying eating then we found out that we had to pay by our ownself. So we were mad. We were mad because we paid about 4000baht for the fieldtrip but we just went to ayutthaya and entered a 50baht enterance fee garden and the school did not provide food for us. We tought that the school is a rip off. I think that our school is a bad school because this happened last year too! We complained that the fieldtrip fee is too expensive and they just take the students to a cheap place and they wont give back the left over money. After the fieldtrip, I went straight home and slept the hole day thats why I woke up on the next day.



Today I didnt really do much. I just sat on my chair playing guitar and I was sick and tired so I went back to bed and today I didnt eat anything so, I might be really hungry by tomorrow.