The spirit!

by junsunglim

Today is sunday and sunday equals to church day. I woke up at 9:30am and I prepared to leave at 10:00am. Today in church I had a lesson that, everyone is all the same and borned only once. Plus the time when we are living is the time for our judgement day so we have to live properly to go heaven because we are the souls of God. We should do nice things and help others so our world. Our society could be a peaceful world without any harm and dangers.

Anyway. After learning the lessons, I went to play basketball with my church friends. My church friends and I were ready to play, however, rain came so we had to go back to the church. Our church people decided to eat outside. We had MK suki and we came to the church and got ready for our taekwondo. Today we learned how to kick and we stretched a lot so we’ve got flexible.