So sick

by junsunglim

Today I was so sick that I told my mother that I should rest for today. However she told me just go to school and try your best to stay awake. I tried in my first period. But after the first period, I went to the nurse because the medicine that my mom gave me has a sleeping strenght and I couldn’t take care of the strength. After the school I went home and prepared to go learn guitar lesson.

I lacked focus and because of that my guitar teacher got mad at me. I told him I was sick. However he did not listen to my situation and kept teaching me with his best. I felt the passion in his heart teaching his students with his best very hard. After learning guitar, the teacher bought us dinner. After dinner I went home and turned my computer on but my parents power broked the circuit. I couldnt do my homework but I had to sleep. So I went to sleep. I was so tired that in my sleep, I dreamed about myself fighting with a faceless student in my school. I hope its not one of my friend and after my sleep I am writing down my homework as fast as possible so I could catch up with my late updates.