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Month: September, 2012

Not “Today” but “This week”

I normally start with the word “today” however today I’ll start with “this week” because I didn’t write my journal to be honest. To be really honest, I was so lazy to pay my internet bill. I was just that lazy. Anyway I’ll start with Monday first. On Monday I had subway for breakfast with my school friend. After having our meal we went to school. And in school I did my works and started preparing for my exams.


On Tuesday I had a futsal practice in the gym. It was a very tiring practice however it was exciting and it was fun. I couldn’t goal any and I’m trying my best to show my effort.


On Wednesday I was quite sick. I think I got sick because of the rain. It’s raining a lot and flooding in Thailand nowadays.


On Thursday I went home by bus since Mickey went to the volleyball team. I was quite sad thou because I couldn’t get to skip school. And on Thursday, Ms. Shiela was super sick I hope she gets well.


On Friday, It was a strange day because Ms. Shiela was absent. Also I thought Ms. Irena was our substitute but we found out Mr. Prem whom is my accounting teacher covered the English class and Mr. Mernel whom is the Bible teacher for grade12 covered our journalism class. I hope Ms. Shiela gets well soon and hope I could meet her on Monday.



Today I had a bad day because I had a bad practice for my futsal. I couldn’t play properly and because of my skills I made my team lose. However after the match, worse thing happened. There was a huge traffic jam when I went home. Since everywhere is flooded near my house, the traffic got worse. I hope there will be no more floods and today I have to finish my research paper finalizing. I hope I could do that and I wish I could finish it quickly.



Today I heard a bad news about Junior. I heard that he’s got into a big trouble when it was journalism class. I hope he will be cured back and may our holy father support him to rise again and run wildly. Today in my english class, my english teacher told us a shocking stuff. We had to write 10pages of the topic that we’ve been researching for. I hope I could do it on time.

Today is my normal day

The guitar lesson was good today. Finally I feel like I’m improving my guitar skills. I can play a song if I read the notes properly and master my fingering in my guitar. So I will practice more so I can play songs properly. Today I had a normal day with my friends. Starting from the day, I had subway sandwich in the morning. Then I went to school. In school I studied hard. But not that hard. After school I went home straight and I prepared my guitar and left my house to my guitar school. In guitar lesson I learned how play bass songs. I hope I could play well with my guitar. 

Why today!

Today was my biggest mistake of my life. I shouldn’t have had dinner with my family today. Today was the day that my mother and my grandfather had a promise. My grandfather was so bored that he wanted the whole family to eat dinner outside together. However I told my grandfather and my parents that I couldn’t. They asked me why. So I told them that I have an online quiz today and there is no way that I will forget that. However my mom just came up with a simple idea telling me that the promise between my grandfather and the family’s promise was first and she told me that she’ll call my journalism teacher and tell her the situation. I told my mom that that doesn’t make any sense. However I had no choice but follow my family to the dinner because this appointment with the family was delayed from 2weeks and 3days ago. If I continued argueing with the family, I think my dad will get mad and the family won’t look happy so I told my mother that she really needs to help me out with the online quiz. She told me she’ll help me. So she will call my journalism teacher tomorrow and explain everything.

Today in school I had an interview with mr.Chlowee. I interviewed about his thought of M.U.N and the outreach and it’s performance. He replied my questions with well said words and the words that gives you a deep touch to your mind.

Also Today is my first day learning with my S.A.T teacher. HE didn’t really taught me today because it was his first day teaching but introducing him to me. However I think I won’t find his class fun.


Today I was late for my guitar class. Its because I went home at 4:30pm. Also I was in the cab for an hour. However before I start talking about my day, I want to say happy birthday to ms.Shiela. Today she had a great day and hope she could enjoy her day. Ok, back to my story. Today, I went to my guitar lesson at 6:30 and the lesson ended at 7:40. I practiced a lot and finally, I can read the notes for the guitar. After practicing, I went home and exercised. And now I am writing the wordpress down.

Sick again?!

Today I was sick and I couldn’t do really much so I just went to bed the whole day. I dreamed about nothing and I am starving to death right now.

Too tired to write things down

Today I played futsal and I was so tired so I went to bed at 5:30. Then my brother woke me up because he was bored. I got mad when he did that so I started giving a lesson to him. And now he is being a good brother again.


Everyone, whom ever lived in this galaxy, or universe should have at least laughed before. It might be because he/she was happy, excited, something funny made he/she laugh, or become so sad and you laugh because you can’t control the sadness. Yes it’s too odd for a subject “sadness” came out on this topic. However today I was laughing because I was turning crazy. I wish I could tell you readers about my sad life however I think I might look a bit weird if I write this problem down on this internet blog. So I won’t write about it untill I get myself calm and check if I can handle this situation.


Today I will not start with my school day because it was really normal and nothing really happened. However, things happened after school. It’s about taekwondo. The master of the taekwondo in our school is a person who goes to my church every week and he wants me to practice taekwondo so he can perform taekwondo in our school festival. I had no choice but accept it because he was asking me and he’s my elder. I couldn’t refuse his question. So I started. I thought I was only doing for my church’s event however I was wrong.

My master wanted me to practice jumping high and wanted me to step a person, jump high and kick. I weight 73kg and he is asking me to do that. I had to step the person’s arms and had to hop and kick the kicking pad. Then the problem came. I couldn’t even take a step properly. So I had to practice doing steps. So right now I’m practicing stepping the person’s arm properly.