Being sick disturbs your grade

by junsunglim

Today I had a speech presentation. My outfit was perfect however my memory was bad because I was sick. This was the most important day. This presentation gives a lot of scores however I couldn’t do my best because I was sick. After the speech I just went to the nurse room and had medicine and rested there. The nurse gave me medicine and I went to sleep. After sleeping I felt like I’ve got paralized. My body won’t move properly and plus the time was my Bible class so I was going to go to the class however the nurse told me to rest somemore. She called my mom and explained that I was sick. After talking with the nurse I just went back to sleep then it was lunch time. I went out watching my friends playing futsal. In the middle of the lunch, I went back to the nurse room and went back to sleep. Woke up again and found out that it was 1:35pm already so I went to my class to get my book bag and left the school. I came home and I started doing my homeworks and I think I should take a nap.