Annoyed but still can’t ignore

by junsunglim

Today I was sick. Sick because I had fever and cold. Also I’m too tired because I have to prepare so many tests for friday plus I gotta memorize about my gettysburg presentation tomorrow. I didn’t do pretty much today and my guitar teacher taught me how to play “long long ago”. This song is a classic song and I think I might master it if I practice my guitar skills little more.

After learning guitar, Mickey, who is my friend bought me dinner. We had Tokkpoki and kimbab. The foods taste good and I hope I could try the food again. Then I came home and asked my mother if she still has my Korean traditional suit. She says yes then no. She yells at me for no reason and that made me angry. I just told her “ok ok, thats enough, stop yelling” and now she’s more mad at me. I think I should resolve this problem. However I would not have a lot of time arguewing with her. I hope I could solve this problem as fast as possible.