PSAT? For real?!

by junsunglim

Everyone knows what PSAT is. Its a American colliculum practical test that helps you graduate. Attending with a good S.A.T scores will help you get into a good colledge. For example, Chula, Mahidol, Tamasat, etc are the good universities that you’ll enter and if you do, you’ll have a good resume for your job and will lead you to a good carrier and you’ll success in your life.

So first of all we have to take practical S.A.T to get ready so on the real test, we could get high scores. However PSAT’s test is more weak than S.A.T’s. Today in school grade 11 and 12 had the PSAT test and it was so hard for us. We didn’t know anything about SAT plus our school doesn’t teach or doesn’t bother teaching SAT’s. But I don’t know why they are giving us PSAT when they don’t even talk about it in school. Anyway the test was hard and everyone was just joking around since the test isn’t recorded in our grade. After S.A.T I had photography class and today mr.Damien showed us about a vehicle that can take photos. The vehicle was cool but it wasn’t attractive. After watching the video clip, I came home and I have to go somewhere out so I am writing my daily report now.