Thank you God!

by junsunglim

Today was my best day because God gave me hope in my dream. He showed me the path leading his holy light for me to achieve my dream. I dreamed myself about my dream since when I was 12years old. God’s help was opening the door of my dream so I could enter and walk the path of my way. I hope I could enter and step the path that God led me guiding with his holy light.

Today I also learned how to play guitar. I got a guitar lesson in the guitar school. Today the teacher gave me a challange. I had to play Do Rae Mi Fa Sol La Si Do my best, as fast as I could play with the beat. Afterwards I told him about my dream and he told me he’ll give me a chance so thats how I think God gave me a chance. I hope I would show some talents that I’ve got and I hope I would hear a good news from him. I believe God will be always with me and I will try my best too!