Everywhere with my friends

by junsunglim

Today I went to my church cycling again. I went there and practiced dancing again. The dance moves were so hard that I had to keep practicing. After dancing, my friends and I went to play basketball. I played basketball with my best, shooting every each ball with my best focus. Then suddenly rain fell. The rain was so hard that we had to escape to a shelter and waited for an hour waiting the rain to stop.

After the rain stopped, my friends and I went out to eat. We had Thai food. The food was so delicious. I had kaopad moo and a sen lek. The foods cured my starveness. I was so happy and sleepy. After eating, I went back to the church and practiced my Taekwondo. Today’s lesson of Takewondo was kicking and stretching. I tried my best stretching however in the end, I found myself just playing around when I was supposed to be doing well. After the practice my friends and I went home and now I am writing my diary. Oh also I had recieved my new desktop computer!