Another journey cycling.

by junsunglim

Today I went to Terminal 21 to meet my friend. We just had a meal and said goodbye. Afterwards I went to the parking to get my bicycle. I went to Patanakarn soi 44 cycling. I went to Patanakarn soi 44 because that’s where my church is placed. I went to my church because I had to practice for my 4NCG so I could perform my best to the audience when the concert opens. This concert is about evangelising the people who didn’t reach the Trinity yet. Whom didn’t met our holy father.

After the practice I went home. I was cycling and I was safe home. It was tiring cyling however the fun was also good. After reaching home I quickly loaded my favourite tv series to watch after showering and finishing my homeworks. So I am done with my homeworks and I think I should go watch my series now!