Screaming in Karaoke

by junsunglim

Today after school I went home straight away because I have guitar lesson today. I went home and prepared my guitar lesson and headed to the guitar school. Today in the guitar school I learned how to play “CLEMENTINE” the song was a American song that is part classic. I practiced and practiced and in the end i could play it finally. After the guitar lesson, My friends and I went to eat korean bbq. The taste was awesome and I hope I could enjoy eating again. However the bad problem was I had to eat very little to maintain my weight. Its because I was in diet. Diet is a very very hard thing to do. You have to waste your time just burning your calories away to get fit.

After eating, we went to sing in Karaoke. We all sang bad. We were screaming like pigs and we couldn’t sing a song properly. However the owner of the karaoke found us having fun and she wants to give us more time for service so we sang for approximately 3hours non-stop. I think my voice chord has a problem and I think I should be quiet for somedays for now on before I’ll sound husky forever.