Tiring day

by junsunglim

Today I went to Fuji restaurant to have my lunch with my grandfather. I had two dishes of meals. I had curry donkatsu and Zaru soba. My grandfather had a Salmon set. I finished both of my plates however my grandfather did not finished his meal so I ate his left out. Then we went to the stationary to buy a notebook. I bought a notebook because I really need to write down important things there and write down my homework so I wont forget. Also I can just use it as a contact book so I can easily look for phone numbers. I know that it might look bad for a guy holding schedule book around. However I have lack of time responsibility and to improve the punctuality and doing my homework on time I should take down notes so I won’t forget it. After buying the schedule book, we went home straight away.

Today my school day was so tiring. I fell into sleep in accounting class and world history class. I don’t know why I fell asleep but I’m asuming that it was because I havd lack of sleep yesterday. So tdoay I’ll do my homework quickly and go exercise and go bed early. So I could try a fresh day tomorrow focusing in classes and to keep up my good grades except for my English class. I hope my english grades will improve and hope God helps me with everything and hope he listens to my wishes and prayer and I hope I’ll keep up my good grades for other subjects.