Popping balloons is fun!

by junsunglim

Today was a good day. My first class was great and its because I’ve gotten 38/40 in my speech chapter test and I am so proud of myself. Also today was Kaosuk’s birthday. We celebrated her birthday because Ms. Shiela threw a party in her homeroom time. Ms. Shiela bought some choco cookies which were meant to be a chocopie. She even brought balloons so the classroom actually looked like a party zone. Everyone was celebrating Kaosuk’s birthday then suddenly a balloon popped. Then I got interested about popping balloons and scaring my friends. I used my own hands to pop the balloons. I thought it should be stinging after popping with my bare hands. However It didn’t hurt me nor stung me.

 After school I went to the guitar school to learn guitar. The teacher wrote a post on the door that he will not be teaching the class today. So I was quite upset because I came from a far place that took me so hard to cycle from my house to the school. I went home and went down to do exercise. Now I am writing about my daily report and I think I should go to bed.