Bicycle is bad for traveling

by junsunglim

Today I woke up late because I had to help my mom clean her things from boxes yesterday. I found out today was sunday and I had to go to the church. However the church van left already so I’ll being using taxi. Then I realized that there was a problem. I am broke!!! I had no money to go to the church but I have a bicycle to travel. I quickly showered and left my house so I could get on my bicycle and cycle from asoke to pattanakarn44. While traveling I was thinking that what on earth was I doing. Why am I in the middle of the road and why am I suffering myself just to go to the church. I stopped and thought for a while whats the good and the bad things for me if I’m going to the church. I had a thought that told my answer. It told me that if you stop from here, then what will happen to your time and energy that is used on this journey that is leading to church where that tells you good advice and good things to make you holy. So I kept cycling. I finally reached the church and heard the gospels. Today’s gospel was about “not quiting and how to avoid the slump”. I heard the gospels and I had a lot of lessons from it and I hope I will use it in a good way. After church i went home cycling again and after reaching home I’m writting this article and I want to tell you dont cycle to travel. Just dont.