17/8/12 Reposting

by junsunglim

I found out that my posting has an error so I’m reposting this post.

Today, school was ok. My teachers were in a good mood and I had an accounting test today and I think I did well. I hope my next school week could be easy and fun because I was to tired this week working hard and I was thinking that I should sleep early from now on and do homeworks right away after arriving home because I’m doing my homework late and I couldn’t wake up on time so I have to sleep early from now on.

After school I asked my friends to hangout together however all of them told me they were busy and tired so I just stayed in my house. I also had a tought about me getting sleepy and tired so I’m doing my homework and my daily report and then I’ll go sleep. However I think I might get awaken after I reach my house.