Mother’s day

by junsunglim


Today is mother’s day and I am really upset about it. My mother is in Korea working hard to make money and solve problems. However I’m still sad that I cant even offer her a nice dinner and couldn’t talk with her. I wish our family could chill a bit and work. Today I had to send my homeworks or I’ll have no way to get a good grade in my engrade so I decided to use my pocket money and go to a internet store to finish my homework. However all i had in my pocket was 20bath and 1hour costed me about 15 bath.

I had no choice but to do my homeworks. Then suddenly, my computer went out of time so I couldnt do my rest of my other homework. I think its going to be hard for me to finish my homework today and I think I cant submit my homework about Patricia Callahan’s reflection on time so I think I better do it in my notebook and tell miss Shiela about this situation that I’m dealing with.