No money, then no outdoor fun. No outdoor fun, no friends and no friends, you get bored.

by junsunglim


How many people gets bored when you are broke and you have a blackberry with only 10 contacts and you have play with it for the whole day or you have nothing else to enjoy your weekends. I think I feel lonely and sad. I feel lonely because I cant contact with other people and I can’t go out because I have no money. Its hard to socilalize when you don’t have money and bascically this report is also done inside my blackberry. Lucky for me I can do my report easliy and up to date. And the other hand, I feel sad because It feels like I have no life. I’m like a guy who does nothing but chats and sleeps the whole day. I wanted to do my homework for today but unfortunately  I don’t have a computer in my house and I don’t have a internet in my house too. So my day ends with me doing nothing and my homework undone but its okay because tomorrow is also a day and if its not, its better and today is not my homework day because homework day is on Sunday and today is Saturday.