JunSung Lim found out as a Christian!

by junsunglim



People think Jun Sung Lim in grade 11C hates religious story or lessons like the Bible that is giving gospel words and answers for your successful life in the future but no. Jun which is I disagree with it. Fist of all I’m a christian who goes to church and I respect what the holy spirit gave to us which is the Bible. In classes I just want to know how the miracles happened and how does the people understand the miracles and what Jesus was doing and the most important thing when the Bible is saying things that happened in the past was impossible to happen in our century. I’m just intrested what happened when Jesus was alive ands and the days before Jesus was born. I’m just curious. Anyway I went to church today and I had fun meeting my friend “Mickey Yang” in the church. Today our church was talking about the the concert that is going to be opened at october and the concert is about the Trinity building the earth , animals, humans and the Trinity trying to save humanity from the Devil. The church said I have to act devil and show how cruel he was. I think I’m quite ready for it and I’ll do my best to perform.