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Month: August, 2012

Being sick disturbs your grade

Today I had a speech presentation. My outfit was perfect however my memory was bad because I was sick. This was the most important day. This presentation gives a lot of scores however I couldn’t do my best because I was sick. After the speech I just went to the nurse room and had medicine and rested there. The nurse gave me medicine and I went to sleep. After sleeping I felt like I’ve got paralized. My body won’t move properly and plus the time was my Bible class so I was going to go to the class however the nurse told me to rest somemore. She called my mom and explained that I was sick. After talking with the nurse I just went back to sleep then it was lunch time. I went out watching my friends playing futsal. In the middle of the lunch, I went back to the nurse room and went back to sleep. Woke up again and found out that it was 1:35pm already so I went to my class to get my book bag and left the school. I came home and I started doing my homeworks and I think I should take a nap.


Annoyed but still can’t ignore

Today I was sick. Sick because I had fever and cold. Also I’m too tired because I have to prepare so many tests for friday plus I gotta memorize about my gettysburg presentation tomorrow. I didn’t do pretty much today and my guitar teacher taught me how to play “long long ago”. This song is a classic song and I think I might master it if I practice my guitar skills little more.

After learning guitar, Mickey, who is my friend bought me dinner. We had Tokkpoki and kimbab. The foods taste good and I hope I could try the food again. Then I came home and asked my mother if she still has my Korean traditional suit. She says yes then no. She yells at me for no reason and that made me angry. I just told her “ok ok, thats enough, stop yelling” and now she’s more mad at me. I think I should resolve this problem. However I would not have a lot of time arguewing with her. I hope I could solve this problem as fast as possible.

PSAT? For real?!

Everyone knows what PSAT is. Its a American colliculum practical test that helps you graduate. Attending with a good S.A.T scores will help you get into a good colledge. For example, Chula, Mahidol, Tamasat, etc are the good universities that you’ll enter and if you do, you’ll have a good resume for your job and will lead you to a good carrier and you’ll success in your life.

So first of all we have to take practical S.A.T to get ready so on the real test, we could get high scores. However PSAT’s test is more weak than S.A.T’s. Today in school grade 11 and 12 had the PSAT test and it was so hard for us. We didn’t know anything about SAT plus our school doesn’t teach or doesn’t bother teaching SAT’s. But I don’t know why they are giving us PSAT when they don’t even talk about it in school. Anyway the test was hard and everyone was just joking around since the test isn’t recorded in our grade. After S.A.T I had photography class and today mr.Damien showed us about a vehicle that can take photos. The vehicle was cool but it wasn’t attractive. After watching the video clip, I came home and I have to go somewhere out so I am writing my daily report now.

Thank you God!

Today was my best day because God gave me hope in my dream. He showed me the path leading his holy light for me to achieve my dream. I dreamed myself about my dream since when I was 12years old. God’s help was opening the door of my dream so I could enter and walk the path of my way. I hope I could enter and step the path that God led me guiding with his holy light.

Today I also learned how to play guitar. I got a guitar lesson in the guitar school. Today the teacher gave me a challange. I had to play Do Rae Mi Fa Sol La Si Do my best, as fast as I could play with the beat. Afterwards I told him about my dream and he told me he’ll give me a chance so thats how I think God gave me a chance. I hope I would show some talents that I’ve got and I hope I would hear a good news from him. I believe God will be always with me and I will try my best too!

Everywhere with my friends

Today I went to my church cycling again. I went there and practiced dancing again. The dance moves were so hard that I had to keep practicing. After dancing, my friends and I went to play basketball. I played basketball with my best, shooting every each ball with my best focus. Then suddenly rain fell. The rain was so hard that we had to escape to a shelter and waited for an hour waiting the rain to stop.

After the rain stopped, my friends and I went out to eat. We had Thai food. The food was so delicious. I had kaopad moo and a sen lek. The foods cured my starveness. I was so happy and sleepy. After eating, I went back to the church and practiced my Taekwondo. Today’s lesson of Takewondo was kicking and stretching. I tried my best stretching however in the end, I found myself just playing around when I was supposed to be doing well. After the practice my friends and I went home and now I am writing my diary. Oh also I had recieved my new desktop computer!

Another journey cycling.

Today I went to Terminal 21 to meet my friend. We just had a meal and said goodbye. Afterwards I went to the parking to get my bicycle. I went to Patanakarn soi 44 cycling. I went to Patanakarn soi 44 because that’s where my church is placed. I went to my church because I had to practice for my 4NCG so I could perform my best to the audience when the concert opens. This concert is about evangelising the people who didn’t reach the Trinity yet. Whom didn’t met our holy father.

After the practice I went home. I was cycling and I was safe home. It was tiring cyling however the fun was also good. After reaching home I quickly loaded my favourite tv series to watch after showering and finishing my homeworks. So I am done with my homeworks and I think I should go watch my series now!

Screaming in Karaoke

Today after school I went home straight away because I have guitar lesson today. I went home and prepared my guitar lesson and headed to the guitar school. Today in the guitar school I learned how to play “CLEMENTINE” the song was a American song that is part classic. I practiced and practiced and in the end i could play it finally. After the guitar lesson, My friends and I went to eat korean bbq. The taste was awesome and I hope I could enjoy eating again. However the bad problem was I had to eat very little to maintain my weight. Its because I was in diet. Diet is a very very hard thing to do. You have to waste your time just burning your calories away to get fit.

After eating, we went to sing in Karaoke. We all sang bad. We were screaming like pigs and we couldn’t sing a song properly. However the owner of the karaoke found us having fun and she wants to give us more time for service so we sang for approximately 3hours non-stop. I think my voice chord has a problem and I think I should be quiet for somedays for now on before I’ll sound husky forever.

Not a good a day

Today I had lots of problems. One of the problem was getting scolded by ms.Marrie Tess. And the other problem was being late to journalism class. I was late because the lunch bell did not rang in the green court. I was late so I couldn’t attend to my journalism class. I asked ms.Shiela for a chance more however she won’t accept my request and closes her door and kept teaching the class on. I felt bad about myself not doing my best to attend my classes on time.

Today I was tired and I think things won’t happen like today. Also I have to read a book called Dracula and I think its going to be intresting and I hope I could learn lots of new vocabularies from the book and I hope I could attend on ms.Shiela’s class on time from now onwards.

Tiring day

Today I went to Fuji restaurant to have my lunch with my grandfather. I had two dishes of meals. I had curry donkatsu and Zaru soba. My grandfather had a Salmon set. I finished both of my plates however my grandfather did not finished his meal so I ate his left out. Then we went to the stationary to buy a notebook. I bought a notebook because I really need to write down important things there and write down my homework so I wont forget. Also I can just use it as a contact book so I can easily look for phone numbers. I know that it might look bad for a guy holding schedule book around. However I have lack of time responsibility and to improve the punctuality and doing my homework on time I should take down notes so I won’t forget it. After buying the schedule book, we went home straight away.

Today my school day was so tiring. I fell into sleep in accounting class and world history class. I don’t know why I fell asleep but I’m asuming that it was because I havd lack of sleep yesterday. So tdoay I’ll do my homework quickly and go exercise and go bed early. So I could try a fresh day tomorrow focusing in classes and to keep up my good grades except for my English class. I hope my english grades will improve and hope God helps me with everything and hope he listens to my wishes and prayer and I hope I’ll keep up my good grades for other subjects.

Popping balloons is fun!

Today was a good day. My first class was great and its because I’ve gotten 38/40 in my speech chapter test and I am so proud of myself. Also today was Kaosuk’s birthday. We celebrated her birthday because Ms. Shiela threw a party in her homeroom time. Ms. Shiela bought some choco cookies which were meant to be a chocopie. She even brought balloons so the classroom actually looked like a party zone. Everyone was celebrating Kaosuk’s birthday then suddenly a balloon popped. Then I got interested about popping balloons and scaring my friends. I used my own hands to pop the balloons. I thought it should be stinging after popping with my bare hands. However It didn’t hurt me nor stung me.

 After school I went to the guitar school to learn guitar. The teacher wrote a post on the door that he will not be teaching the class today. So I was quite upset because I came from a far place that took me so hard to cycle from my house to the school. I went home and went down to do exercise. Now I am writing about my daily report and I think I should go to bed.